"Greetings to all!   Here we go with our first 2006 update.  We have added a couple of links to photo pages taken at race camps at El Colorado and I have thrown in a couple taken by durring the Master's World Cup races last year at Valle Nevado.  There is also a link to  Base Mountain Rentals.  They are out of Beaver Creek and will be listing a couple of properties in Farellones this season. 


John Hussey 
Farellones, Chile 

Troy's Camps: http://www.ottawaskiclub.com/OSC/pictures/2004-2005-season/gallery_2004_no-01_camps.html

Bill Bolte's Camp http://www.arcsusa.com/2.html

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CALENDARIO MASTERS CHILE 2006 (as of May 2006 Weather and snow conditions and the FIS will result in schedule changes.)

Date Site Cat SL GS SG

30 July Chapa Verde GS family race
6 Aug. La Parva GS (inc 20-29 Jr. Masters)
12 or 13 Aug. International Summer GS J 1/2/3 (USSA rules.  No points)  First 120 racers
27 Aug.  El Colorado GS
9 Sept. Las Lenas FIS Master's GS (WC)
18 Sept. La Parva FIS Master's GS  (WC)
22, 23, 24 Sept. Valle Nevado FIS Master's SG, GS and SL (WC, CC, WC)
1 Oct. Portillo GS (family race)
7 and 8 Oct. Chillan GS and SL (GS is a family race)
14 and 15 Oct. Chapelco GS and SL (GS is a family race)

NOTE: All Masters events are for both Women and Men.

Just e-mail me!


Ski Club del Colorado and Ferrex Ski Masters 

Farellones El Colorado, Chile

A full season program minimum skiing level 6. Ages 10 and UP!
Contact: John Hussey, Head Coach (PSIA III)
09-899-2467 (Farellones)

Ottawa Ski Club Summer Ski Camp 
El Colorado / Farellones, Chile

July (3 weeks), August (3 weeks), September (2 or 3 weeks -Masters Camp) 2006
Contact: Troy Gilbert 
613-274-7498 (Ottawa, Canada)
OSC Homepage: www.ottawaskiclub.com

ARCS-USA Alpine Race Camp (Alpine Race Carvers Ski, a USSA registered club)

El Colorado, Chile
2-15 August 2006 (Junior session) & 8-20 August 2006 (Masters session)
Roy Scovill 1-973-299-2983 or Bill Bolte 1-973-875-0753
See website for more details: http://www.arcsusa.com

Jon Mechem

Jon will be in Chile for the month of July and "may" be able to come back in Sept.


Bill Skinner, MASTERS Race Camp

Valle Nevado 
16 -26 September 2006
Contact: Bill Skinner 
(NOT sponsored by USSA)
Base Mountain Rentals
Avon Colorado and Farellone, Chile

Private Race Coach: Jon Mechem

(Head Coach Beaver Creek Race Department) 


Private Race Coach: Kristin Hartman
(Beaver Creek Race Department)

Professional Translation Services: Fritz-Hans Marquardt, PhD

(Technical translations for Spanish, English, German)
321-1131 (Farellones)

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Aerial photography by Gustavo Latorre N.